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SunStroke 02 : Video
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Trainer Bill ~ Out & Proud
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Babylon Brian
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Hot Men

  • Sexy images & videos of hot men on the globe.
  • Featuring new & fresh faces as well as iconic favorites.


High Quality

  • Hi-Resolution, full-screen, professional images.
  • HD 1080p Videos ranging from 1 to 10 minutes long.

Content… Content… Content…

  • 2,000 plus images
  • 200 plus videos

Frequent Updates

  • At least three updates a week.


Rear View

Up Front

Q & A

Q: Are there Full-Frontals?

A: You gotta dirty mind!

Yes, Virginia – there is a Santa Claus.

And Yes, ya’ animals – there is full-frontal.

However, not all models want to share the goods.

So, please don’t expect male parts flapping around willy nilly – the main focus is still on the artistic male nude.

Q: How often are the Updates?

A: SJpvt won’t leave you hanging
There will be a featured post several times a week.
Larger gallery updates also take place at least once a week.
So, check back in often!

Q: Is ALL the content free for Members?

A: It’s a big buffet…
Everything is on the table, so fill your plate all for one low monthly price.
For those who might want to request specific Premium items, you can inquire.
I may also be able to arrange for Custom Content, based on availability and disposition of the model.

Q: How is this different than StudioJenkins.com?

A: SJpvt has the Edge
StudioJenkins.com is a broader portfolio of my work geared toward print sales. It covers fine art, botanicals and landscapes as well as fitness models.
SJpvt has the same quality of images but with MUCH more provocative content. There are some cross-over models, but you get to see their more erotic side.

Q: How is it different than onlyfans.com/on_sj?

A: More. Better. Stuff.

OnlyFans has restrictions that limit what can go on my page. For example, according to their terms, I can only display models that are OF creators. Hence, it only shows a small amount of my work. The content on OF is very difficult to navigate and the amount of cross-selling is extremely cluttered. SJpvt has things organized in way that makes it easier to find what you need. I’m continuing to support my OF page, but my main focus is offering a bigger selection of quality content here. BTW, all of the PPV content I post on OF is free on SJpvt.

Q: You did WHAT for HOW much !?!

A: That wasn’t me…

I wasn’t even in the country at the time.
And you ask a lot of questions!

Just messing with you guys. Enjoy the site!

If you have any more questions or feedback, feel free to contact me >

Variety is the Spice

The Prime-Cuts of Male Models from Across the Globe
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Ace Quinn
Alessandro Cavagnola
Alex Westfallen
Anthony Cadrecha
Billy Cluver
Billy Hughes
Bobby Momenteller
Brody Harris
Bryan Seth

Carsten Gauslow
Casey Christopher
Charles Pacquette
Dan Decker
Dave Morin
Derrick Davenport
Dominick Nicolai
Doug Zimmerman

Ethan Elliot
Eric Leto
German Tom
Hayden Monteleone
Joe Wachs
Joey Sullivan
Jon Black
Johnny Cruise
Jordon Deno
Jorge Marciel
Justin Bussiere
Keviin Bessinger

Kyle Hynick
Lance Lamar
Leo Ledesma
Logan Franklin
Luigi Vitali
Matt Schiermeier
Matt Wolf
Matus Valent
Nick Dent

Nick Topel
Peter Le
Petr Prielozny
Quin Bruce
Race Cooper
Scott Cullens
Seth Gottesdiener
Shaun Standridge
Steffen Berlin
Stephen Becker

Steve Moriarty
Tony Cress
Trevor Adams
Tyler Sarry
Tym Roders
Tyson Dayley
Vin Marco
Zack Horton
Zack Vaquez
Zeb Atlas

And more…

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