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The Nick Topel Photo Book

A collaboration between world-renowned fitness model, Nick Topel and photographer, Mark Jenkins – the book features the best work photography shot in a variety of locations.

Four years in the making – from 2018 through the tail end of 2021 – you get to see Nick’s progression into a fitness icon.

The book features over 100 images with 40+ never-seen new edits!

There’s also an intro (written by Nick) and an Q&A section with questions from fans.

It’s available as a Signed hardcover (edition of 100) and a softcover. 

Softcover $55

High-quality, print-on-demand

Arrives 7 – 11 business days from the order date

Open edition

Softcover: heavy weight gloss finish

8.5 x 11 • 96 pages

Signature Edition Hardcover $180 (Sold)

Signed by Nick

Limited Edition 100 ~ SOLD OUT

Hardcover, image wrap

8 x 10 • 105 pages, premium paper

Comes with a bonus 8 x 10 print


“This past holiday season was special to me as Nick’s photo book by Mark Jenkins arrived on Xmas eve with his signature and love. When a celestial beauty like Nick is seen through the eyes (lens) of a genius like Mark, the result is a spectacle like this collection! This is not your regular coffee book for casual browsing as is usually the case. Every page is captivating and a study of the breathtaking perfection of Nick’s chiseled body. Each picture is a perfect blend of his pristine beauty and subtle eroticism. Attempting to shoot a social media star and rage like Nick calls for creativity and this book has several pictures capturing Nick’s seducing beauty in never-before-seen angles. You come to the end of the book craving for more! I would like to have Xmas every month if it means a book release like this photographer, Mark Jenkins with an elite fitness model, Nick Topel.”

~ Ryan, a Nick fan and one of many happy buyers.


Photographer, Mark Jenkins describes the book in more detail.

What's in the book?

The book starts out in 2018 in St Petersburg, FL. Nick had just competed in a bodybuilding contest and was shredded. We clicked right away and knocked out some magic. That’s where our friendship and collaboration started.
The following shoot took place in Bermuda, which is an incredible location. The trip was sponsored by FitWorld Productions.
In 2019, Nick and I happened to be in Miami at the same time. We shot at the swanky Miami X building.
Our next photo excursion took place at a stunning, contemporary villa on the tiny island of Anguilla in the British West Indies. This was also an FWP trip. We were joined by the fashion/fitness model, Dominic Calvani (who makes a cameo appearance in the book) and the photographer, Michael Downs.
In Oct 2021, Nick and I ended up where it all started in St Petersburg. It was more of a casual visit that turned into a shoot. That’s when we came up with the idea for the book.
We shot again a month later in Sarasota at a lakeside residence with a pool, hot tub and outdoor shower.  Those are the final pages of the book: Nick in the hot tub in speedos, taking a shower, and some very sexy towel shots.
That’s the story, for now…

Do you plan on working together again?

Of course!

Now that Nick has made Miami his home base, he’s much closer. So yes, the collaboration will continue.

Get ready for Volume 2…

Is there any editorial content, or is it just a photo book?

The book features Nick’s bio – written by him. It’s an inspirational glimpse into how he’s evolved from a competitive bodybuilder & industrial engineer to a renowned fitness model and an inspiration to many people across the globe.

There’s also a Q & A section, including a page of light-hearted questions submitted by fans.

Nick handles the serious questions with insights and the fun questions with a sense of humor.

What’s the difference between the books?

Both books are high-quality print on demand.
The hardcover is personally signed by Nick.
It’s a limited edition of 100 and comes with an 8 x 10 print suitable for framing.
It also has an additional nine pages of images.
The softcover is more affordable and is purchased and shipped directly from

Could you describe the print that comes with the Signature Edition?

The image from the same photo session as the book cover art. Nick is in razor sharp condition just after a competition.
Printed full-bleed on 8 x 10 heavy Kodak metallic gloss paper, the print is suitable for framing or adding to your collection.

How do I order the softcover and how quickly is it delivered?

Go to You can pay for the book there and enter your shipping address.
The average turn-around time takes 4 to 5 business days, not including shipping. Most Blurb books arrive 7 to 11 business days after you place the order, depending on the shipping method you select at checkout and the destination. You will see estimated delivery dates at checkout.

What his the process to purchase the Nick Topel Signature Edition?

You can place your order directly: Nick Topel Signature Limited Edition.
Nick will sign your book and have it shipped to the address you enter when you make the purchase.

Can the book be shipped internationally?

Yes. The softcover can be shipped to most global locations. They have printers in Europe, Canada and Australia.

Hardcover international orders will be shipped from Miami, Florida and handled through the United States Postal Service (USPS) via First-Class Package International Service. Delivery speed varies by country. Please check the website to ensure that shipments can be made to your country.

To avoid delivery delays – ensure that your international delivery address is clearly laid out in the check-out form.


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